The Urban Assembly School of Design and Construction
The School of Design and Construction (SDC) was founded in September 2004.  Our school offers a college preparatory education to students with an interest in architecture, engineering, design and construction. Students from each of New York City’s five Burroughs travel to our Midtown Manhattan location every day to pursue an exciting, engaging high school experience. Our student body includes a diverse cross-section of the city’s population; including many English Language Learners, Special Education Students, and students from low-income families (over 80% free and reduced lunch eligible).  What they all have in common is an interest in the design & construction industry with aspirations for college and beyond.
Powerful Partnerships
With the help of our lead partner,The Urban Assembly, SDC is committed to enriching its challenging academic program through the active involvement of architecture, engineering, and design professionals, as well as partnerships with cultural institutions and universities.  SDC students are guided and mentored by professionals in our Design Seminar and bi-annual Design Critiques. Students learn in the field through trips to architectural points of interest, professional offices and
work-sites. Upperclassmen build their professional skills through our Internship Program.
Our list of active partnerships continues to grow. 
To find out more about joining the movement, check out our sponsorship and volunteer opportunities.
Integrated Curriculum
In addition to integrating the themes of architecture and engineering throughout the academic curricula, SDC takes advantage of its location in New York City to expose students to architectural landmarks and building sites. Our faculty are engaging with design and engineering professionals to develop and deepen the connection between our theme and the traditional high school curriculum. Students will leave SDC with a greater appreciation and understanding for the built environment that surrounds and shapes them, and they will be prepared to succeed in college.
West 50th Street Campus
525 West 50th Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10019
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